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Ø 環境健康|Environmental health







    REACH和RoHS等歐洲法律要求制造商和供應商提供需要在供應鏈中傳遞的限用物質的信息。 Leysden要求供應商說明供給Leysden的産品中是否含有這些法規限制使用的物質。爲此,供應商需要基于聲明物質清單完成Leysden物質聲明。

We have been committed to becoming a company that is socially responsible. Achieving excellent environmental health and safety management through sustained improvement is the top priority of our work.

From the past, now to the future, our innovative products and solutions are always committed to protecting the global environment and human health.

Protecting employees' health and safety in the workplace is part of Leysden's corporate culture.

We design, develop, manufacture and sell our products and services in a manner that meets or exceeds existing regulations.

Each employee is required to comply with this policy and all applicable rules and regulations at work, and we encourage our partners to follow these terms.

[Supplier Restricted Substances] In all Leysden operations, the product's environmental performance is fully considered to meet Leysden's own internal requirements and the growing customer demand for environmentally friendly products.

REACH and RoHS and other European laws require manufacturers and suppliers to provide information on the restricted substances that need to be delivered in the supply chain. Leysden requires the supplier to indicate whether the product supplied to Leysden contains substances that are restricted by these regulations. To this end, the supplier needs to complete the Leysden substance statement based on the declared substance list.


Ø 企業公民|Corporate citizenship





To be an outstanding corporate citizen is one of Leysden's core values. Leysden in China's long history of development, always unswervingly committed to the development of social welfare undertakings. Many of its corporate citizenship activities involve four major areas: environmental protection, education, humanitarian and social assistance and the promotion of arts and cultural activities.

[Social development] Leysden has always been committed to promoting sustainable social development, including active environmental-related activities, supporting small and medium-sized public institutions, providing social assistance to vulnerable groups, and providing timely technical and Humanitarian assistance.

[Education promotion]Leysden views the importance of education in two ways: for individuals, education is an important basis for individual independence and equal opportunities and self-esteem; for society, education is the key to social progress and quality of life The Leysden is committed to fostering future Chinese scientists and engineers by supporting primary and secondary schools and higher education.

[Technology Promotion]Leysden expressly promises that business activities should focus on the future. Leysden's environmentally friendly products and solutions dominate the company's ongoing operations.


Ø 遵紀守法|Abide by the law




【供應商行爲準則】要求供應商遵循我公司的商業準則是Leysden企業責任的一部分。 因此,《Leysden供應商行爲準則》是建立新合同及續簽合同過程中所必須遵守的規章制度。我們希望供應商可以遵循我公司的标準和準則,并在其供應鏈中促進該準則的執行。

We carry out various business with a responsible attitude and strictly abide by the various laws and regulations formulated by the country where the business is located. The company will never tolerate any unlawful acts and unethical behavior. We have established a binding corporate guidelines that require all managers and employees around the world to abide by the law.

[Specification System]Leysden's compliance system is designed to ensure that the company conducts business on a moral and legal basis. It includes a series of clear and clear instructions that require all employees to comply with all applicable laws. It also includes other rules and regulations regarding payment processing, business advisory behavior, and so on. In order to implement this system, Leysden has established a global compliance organization and will verify compliance through the compliance framework.

[Ombudsman] If employees and third parties find that there are improper business practices in the company, they can contact an external ombudsman in an anonymous and confidential manner.

[Supplier Code of Conduct] Require suppliers to follow my company's business principles as part of Leysden's corporate responsibility. Thus, the Leysden Supplier Code of Conduct is a rule that must be observed in the process of establishing a new contract and renewing the contract. We hope that the supplier will follow my company's standards and guidelines and promote the implementation of the guidelines in its supply chain.

Ø 節能|Energy saving


Energy is the driving force of modern civilization. However, having sufficient energy is not enough, energy must also be reasonably priced and used in an environmentally friendly manner.