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    萊斯頓專注于濾波補償專業技術,自1 9 3 5年在德國格拉芬開啓電容器的早期應用至現代電容器的誕生,萊斯頓品牌立足于幹式技術、安全 防爆、設計壽命超過2 1 0 0 0 0小時的過硬質量爲全球用戶提供高品質、可信賴的濾波補償關鍵元器件和整體亚游app官网注冊。萊思頓品牌2 0 0 5年進入中國,随着北亞業務的擴展,近期于上海成立駐北亞獨資機構,專注于用戶的精細服務。

    Leysden focused on the filter compensation expertise, since 1935 in Germany Glafen open capacitor early application to the birth of modern capacitors, Leysden brand based on dry technology, safe explosion, design life of more than 210,000 hours of excellent quality Global users to provide high-quality, reliable filter compensation key components and the overall solution. Leysden brand in 2005 to enter China, with the expansion of business in North Asia, recently established in Shanghai in North Asiaowned institutions, focusing on the user's fine service.

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    萊斯頓調諧濾波補償技術數年來在大中華區快速發展,亚游app官网爲更好地服務于用戶的技術需要,[ L e y s d e n T e c h n o l o g y ]入駐中國并在上海成立專門機構緻力于濾波補償技術的服務;在高低壓配電系統中,萊斯頓立足于幹式技術、安全防爆、設計壽命超過2 1 0 0 0 0小時的過硬質量爲中國用戶提供高品質、可信賴的諧波治理及實時動态補償的關鍵元器件和電能質量整體亚游app官网注冊,并基于已有的數據庫,亚游app官网爲中國以及全球的用戶提供技術和卓越的服務。


    Leysden is committed to the power transmission and distribution system and the user's tuning filter compensation technology, in 1935 in Germany Grafing (Grafing), mineral oil impregnated cotton fiber paper made of medium, aluminum foil electrode to do the early real sense of the beginning of the capacitor Used in power systems. As a professional-oriented brand, relying on the new full-film media vacuum filling inflatable capacitor and tuning filter compensation technology in the Western European market is widely used, Leysden gradually focus on the development of emerging economies in the world to improve the power quality requirements, India's large Scale power infrastructure, Brazil and Mexico and other countries to develop plans, with particular emphasis on China's power pollution control and clean energy to promote, Leysden for the Chinese users based on the status of power systems to provide standard components and special application solutions.

     Leysden tuned filter compensation technology has been developing rapidly in Greater China for several years, in order to better serve the technical needs of users, [Leysden Technology] settled in China and set up specialized agencies in Shanghai is committed to filter compensation technology services; in high and low voltage distribution System, Leysden based on dry technology, safe explosion-proof, design life of more than 210,000 hours of excellent quality for Chinese users to provide high-quality, reliable harmonic control and real-time dynamic compensation of key components and power quality of the overall solution, and Based on existing databases, to provide technical and superior service to users in China and around the world.